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Dear Students,

Greetings to all!

It’s our pleasure to welcome you all digitally to the new session 2020-21. Firstly, we congratulate all our dear students for stepping into a new higher class with new dreams and aspirations.

In the wake of Covid- 18, Pandemic, when externally everything seems to come to a standstill, we strongly believe internally we are all rejuvenating ourselves. And the outcome of this testing time will be fruitful for the entire human race. We thank God for keeping all of us healthy even during this critical times. At the same tine it’s our moral duty to pray for all who are suffering due to this invisible virus and for the peace and solace for all who lost their near and dear ones in this pandemic.

During the quarantine, it is our duty to abide by all the orders and advisories sent time to time by the central/state govts.This is the right time to show our patriotism towards our nation by staying at home and encouraging others to do the same.

My dear students. It is my urge to you all to stay positive during this lockdown period and make it the most productive one by improving day by day spiritually, physically and mentally. Look to God in prayers daily, keep yourself fit by spending time doing some physical activities and exercises. Help your parents in daily chores. Take balanced and healthy diet. Try to boost up your immune system by eating everything cooked and served by your loved ones. Daily spend some time doing something creative, which may be socially useful also, like painting, singing, dancing, making something by using waste things, read some good books etc.

Students as you are aware that we were supposed to commence our new session in this first week of April but due spread of Covid -19 and extension of the lockdown period we have to wait for the next few weeks. In order to make this Quarantine academically a productive one, we are coming up with some e- learning and online classes for you all. Your loving teachers are working on assignments for you day and night. We will be uploading these every alternate day. You are all requested to go through these easy to understand assignments with the help of your parents and solve the exercises on day to day basis. I hope you will enjoy these sessions and learn the things happily.

You can access the e-books from www.diksha.gov.in also.

At the end I would encourage you all to enjoy each day of this Quarantine period, obey and love your elders, spend quality time with your loved ones. Be thankful to almighty for everything. Remember-

                                                          WHAT TO FOCUS ON

-          Focus on your purpose

-          Focus on physical strength

-          Focus on mental wellness

-          Focus on less stress

-          Focus on improving

-          Focus on being a better you

-          Focus on the brighter side

-          Focus on your goals

-          Focus on your blessings

-          Focus on present moment

-          Focus on living life




Dr. Pratibha James